Ever since the advent of

family history

programmes on television, such as "

Who Do You Think You Are

the number of people interested in their family history has increased. Whilst there are many free geneology sites on the web, people quickly discover that these sites only allow limited access unless you take out a subscription. Furthermore if you do take out a subscription with one site you will soon discover that the more information you require the more the cost of the subscription. Also to fully trace your history you may find you need to use more than one site or that the information becomes harder to fathom out.
This is where professional researchers like myself can make your life easier by tracing your tree for you. This means that for a nominal fee all work is done for you without having to take out expensive subscriptions to geneology sites.


Using a wide variety of resources I can help you to discover for example;


  • Who your ancestors were and where they were born.


  • Who they married and how many children did they have.


  • What they did for a living and where they lived.

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